I am a Chicago-based dance artist interested in the intersection of performance, environment, visual design and documentary. My choreographic works are highly collaborative and often engage with video, object art and set design, as well as original sound composition. My training in improvisation and both contemporary and traditional modern dance forms continue to inform my creative process; an early education in studio art is responsible for the visual design of my work.


As a dancemaker, my primary interests lie in sculpting the human body, space and time. Movement is my primary mode of research, and I am drawn to the investigation of the mind/body connection and the way we inhabit various environments, both existing and created. I am interested in meaning-making and its relation to abstraction and legibility. I value physicality, as well as stillness and silence. I am fascinated by audience experience, and believe that the viewer completes the work. I have an affinity for intimate spaces between performers, and as a container for witnessing performance.


My work has always existed in the confines of an urban environment, but raised in the rural Midwest, my heart is rooted in nature. I seek to explore the implications of these incongruous territories on the mind and body. At a time when our urban and cyberspace environments increasingly isolate us from one another, I invite in an appreciation for simplicity and genuine connection through art.