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#OneHundredFortyChar(actors) (2012)

Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago

April, 2012




Performed by Julie Boruff, Maggie Bouffard, Isabelle Collazo,

Melissa Ganser, Janell Huckstadt, Maria Macsay, Cristina Tadeo

Sound Credits:
data.microhelix; data.adaplex, Ryoji Ikeda;
Come Out, Steve Reich;
Hand Covers Bruise, Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross


Excerpts from TED Lectures:
How Social Media Can Make History, Clay Shirky;
On Our Mobile Phones, Jan Chipchase;
Web Playroom, Ze Frank;
Connected, But Alone, Sherry Turkle


Excerpts from performances by comedians Louis CK

and Greg Schwem

Lighting Design by: Julie Ballard

Photography by: Kim Schechter

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